Meet Tommy Johnson - The LAX Artist

Tommy Johnson, a Baltimore native, has been involved in Lacrosse from a young age. After standing out at Calvert Hall High School and playing for Loyola College, he went on to a professional career with the Baltimore Thunder. As a coach, he started at Boys Latin in Baltimore and later coached at Brentwood High School in Los Angeles.

Beyond coaching, Tommy has ventured into art, creating unique works inspired by his deep passion for lacrosse. He is the Official Artist for various foundations, including The Living Classrooms Foundation, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, FCA, Duke University, and more.

Tommy emphasizes the connection between his lacrosse background and artistry, having accepted a lacrosse scholarship to Loyola College, where he combined his talents for both art and the sport. When you purchase one of Tommy's lacrosse art pieces, you're getting a creation from someone who has lived and breathed the game.

A man holding up an object with paint on it.